James Franco on Sex, Porn & the Eternal Appeal of '70s New York | Notes from the CEO Paul Colichman

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James Franco on Sex, Porn & the Eternal Appeal of '70s New York

In The Deuce, the actor takes on the budding porn industry of 1970s Times Square. Here, writer Edmund White talks to him about the gay, gritty city from long ago.

James Franco has never been easy to pin down—by design, it seems. The actor-director-writer-artist has been fearless in his career choices—from directing queer-themed art-house flicks to publishing poetry and fiction that confounds those critics who prefer that celebrities stay in their assigned lanes. In that sense Franco, with his restless curiosity, has more in common with Tilda Swinton, eschewing convention in favor of passion projects that reward collaboration. Read the full article here

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