March 24, 2015

Low Risk, High Tension

Confessions of a hypochondriac who didn’t almost get HIV.

Read the full article by OUT Magazine's R. Kurt Osenlund here.

March 24, 2015

8 Things Women Partnered With Trans Men Know

"Sometimes, we're just tired of explaining that no, we really aren't straight," writes The Advocate's Sunnivie Brydum. "Also, it's none of your business."

Read the full op-ed here.

March 24, 2015

PHOTOS: Your 99 Transgender History Lessons

We got 99 problems, but finding our trans roots isn't one -- thanks to a new exhibit from San Francisco Museum of Transgender History and the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

See the photos and read the full article by The Advocate's Mitch Kellaway here.

Paul Colichman